Gratuity is calculated at 20 % of the total price of reservation.
For Airport Pick up a grace period of 20 minutes is given as of the scheduled arrival for domestic flights, 30 minutes for international flights. US flights are considered international flights.
The hourly waiting time rates to be charged are indicated above for each type of vehicle and calculated every 30 minutes.
Additional charges will apply for additional equipment requested (i.e. child seats, ski / board racks, bicycle racks, etc…)
Driver Meet and Greet with sign is optional and charged separately at $ 20.00 for sedans
Cancellation fees are as follows: 100 % of the reservation amount if less than 2 hours notice, 75% if less than 5 hours, 50% if less than 8 hours, 25% if less than 12 hours.
Rates might change depending on the type of event.
Montreal Towncar based their rate on distance as well as hourly rate, for long distance transfer there might be a flat rate. All fleet are subject to availability, please contact our administration office for more detail information.


447 thoughts on “Rates

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