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What is the most easy way to book a reservation?

Best easiest and fastest way to book with us is using our Online Reservation From

What is the Town Car price for the trip to or from Montreal Airport?

$90 plus tax and gratuity

What is SUV price for the trip to or from Montreal Airport?

$120 plus tax and gratuity

Do prices on the website include tax gratuity, tolls etc?

no, prices on our webpage includes just the flat rate for the service

How does airport curbside pick up work?

When you plane touch down at the airport after you collect your luggage call our toll free number and let us know at which door you’re standing. Your driver will be standing by near the airport. Our wait time for curbside pick up is only 5 minutes.

Should I prepay for the trip?

Many of our clients pay for the reservation in advance or at the time of booking, because is so much safer convenience and time savings. However, if you prefer to pay later, it is fine. But we will have to authorize your credit card in advance.

Do you have vehicles that carry more then 18 passengers?

Yes. We do operate large buses for corporate clients and conventions.

After I make my reservation do I need to call to confirm my pick up?

No. Once you make a reservation with Montreal Towncar, we’ll send you a confirmation email, which means you’re in our reservation system and you’ll get your car on time. There is no need to call to confirm your pickup.

What are your telephone reservation hours?

24 hours 7 days per week.

Do you do pick up/drop off inside Montreal City?

Yes. We are bond and licensed to operate anywhere in Montreal, and have many affiliates nationwide.

Are your vehicles new?

All our vehicles are new, clean, mechanically sound and washed every day

How Experience are your chauffeurs?

All of the chauffeurs at Montreal Towncar have a minimum of 3 years of professional driving experience. We also analyze and map out the road to take on each trip before we pick you up.

Can we drink alcohol inside your stretch limo?

Yes. we provide complimentary Champagne upon requested, water, ice and glasses. Feel free to bring anything on board.

Do you have a minimum of hours, on hourly reservations?

Yes, our minimum hourly is 4 hours. However, however, for special occasions, we can tailor your hourly reservation depending on your needs.

Do I need to call the dispatcher if my plane is delayed or coming early?

No. We track every flight online and will know if your arrival or departure time changes. However, if you change your flight number, please contact us immediately.

Do you provide child car seat?

Yes, for additional $25, we provide toddler, infant and also booster car seats.

What is your cancellation policy?

Every reservation needs to cancel 24 hours previous pick up time. otherwise full charges will apply.

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